Amenhotep III Pharaoh's Ruling & Royal Names

Fallowing the Egyptian Titulary tradition at Luxor Temple Egypt, here are Amenhotep III Royal Names in Hieroglyphs: Even though that Amenhotep III and Heru figurative-bodies appear mutilated with signs of intentional destruction, his names are well maintained. The rectangle figure (Serekh) with a Hawk in top, represents his Royal-ruling name.

The oval circles (Cartouches) the one at left with the title of King of the North and South, on top of the cartouche had a function, similar as the First Name of today’s fuse. The cartouche at right, which has the figure of a Duck and a circle on top (Means: Son of Ra, their Sun God) was written as his First name.

Below the names also have an epitaph that reads in Hieroglyphs, “Gives eternal life like Ra’s life” denoting that he was supposed to have godly-attributes as all Pharaohs where considered. Amenhotep III was the 9th pharaoh of the 18th dynasty also known as the father of Amenhotep IV that later changed his name for Akhenaton or Akheaten.

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Pharaoh Amenhotep III ruling and royal names in Hieroglyphs