Sacrifices at Abu Simbel Ramses II Temple

Human sacrifices in Abu Simbel at Ramses II Temple Egypt, sine all the persons at one side are white people it is likely that they came from towns in the Middle East, and the ones at the other side, shows that they were from Africa, apparently a representation of the Day and Night or Winter and Summer during the years Symbolism.

These sacrifices are thought as Enemies Punishment, nevertheless, they also should be taken as sacrifices, which probably were made in order, to create a Blood Bond in Heaven and Earth with the Egyptian Ruler at that Time, these people came from different towns or territories, beyond the frontiers of Egypt, likely were prominent people in their localities, chosen with the greatest-privilege, to be eternally honored with such events. The ones at the left side of the entrance to the main Temple by their physical characteristics show that came from the Middle East and others at the right hand or opposing wall-side, show that they came from Africa; this ritualistic representations were done as a Blood Bond and Symbolic manifestation of their loyalty to the Egyptian Empire and itís ruling pharaoh.

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Pharaoh Ramses II throne at Luxor Temple Egypt