Sacrifices at Luxor from Annexed Lands

Sacrifices at Luxor Temple Ramses II Throne:

At the base of this massive monument representing the four sitting Pharaoh’s representations’ which are found at the main-entrance of the Ramses II Abu Luxor Temple, as well a theme in most of the Ancient Egypt Temples walls, in which appear carvings that representing Human-sacrifices.

This representation, are often questioned if were made willingly or unwilling sacrifices? Certainly a difficult matter to explain, because it probably has a double meaning, that pleases both ideas since, the names written in hieroglyphs are towns or countries faithful to the Egyptian Royal crown. As they are depicted with color people at one side and white at the other side is probably that they are representing more than just simply sacrifices but symbolism representing de Day Night or two distinct Afterlife worlds of the universe or some other similar concepts related to their cosmogony believes.

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Pharaoh Ramses II throne at Luxor Temple Egypt